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Contact and Comments

If you have any suggestions on how this website can be improved, feedback is appreciated. Corrections and feedback are welcome.

Contributions are welcome for publication. Your contributions will be credited appropriately, and your copyright will be respected and included.

Publication of your contributions is subject to approval and need to be consistent with the themes of this site. Please apply via this Form or Email:

Thank you for visiting the Joy of Museums.


Contributions Welcomed for Publication

If you enjoy Museums, Historical Sites, Art or History and you have contributions that you would be happy to have published and shared on this site you are welcome to submit for publication. Full credit details will be included.

Publication of your contributions are subject to your approval and need to be consistent with the themes and guidelines of this site. All of the following forms of contribution are welcome.

  • Blog Posts
  • Museum Reviews or Observations
  • Recommendations
  • Sketches, Drawing or Paintings
  • Quotes
  • Photos via Wikimedia Commons
  • Videos via YouTube

Please email your contributions to 

“Joy of Museums” is dedicated to people who enjoy visiting museums and who are searching for beauty, understanding and meaning. For updates follow on Facebook or Twitter

Copyright guidelines for contributors.

“Joy of Museums” is focused on featuring historical objects and art with a picture and only pictures that are in the public domain or Wikimedia Commons can be used.

The copyright law encourages the creation of art, photography and culture by rewarding authors and artists with exclusive rights. These exclusive rights are subject to a time limit. Unless the creator releases their work into the public domain.  In the US, UK, Australia, this time limit generally expires 70 years after the artist’s or author’s death.

For the purposes of using images in “Joy of Museums”, we can only use images that are in the public domain. The general guidance for photographing museum artworks is:

  • Australian guidelines are that Copyright has expired if :
    • Photographs that were taken prior to 1955
    • Artistic works, when the creator died before 1955
    • Government-owned photographs and engravings 1969
  • United States guidelines are:
    • The artwork is in the Public Domain if it is published before 1923.


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“If anyone tells you that a certain person speaks ill of you,
do not make excuses for what is said of you but answer,
“He was ignorant of my other faults, else he would not have mentioned these alone.”

– Epictetus


Photo Credit: Raphael [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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