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Archaeological Museums

Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki by Joy of Museums
Archaeological Museums

An Archaeological Museum is an institution with collections that include artefacts or artifacts that are objects shaped by humans, such as a tool or works of art that are of archaeological, historical or cultural interest. Examples of artefacts that can be found in Archaeological Museums include tools, pottery, metal objects, weapons, remains from historic sites and structures plus items of personal adornment such as jewellery or death masks. A primary role of Archaeological Museums is to improve our understanding of the lives of our ancestors and our heritage. Most museums artefacts stand out for their uniqueness, their intrigue, their beauty and their ability to expand our understanding of our history.

Exhibits in Archaeological Museums have come to us from many different archaeological context or source, such as:

  • Burial sites
  • Middens or old dump for human occupational waste
  • Votive offerings
  • Hoards lost in time
  • Wells or caves
  • Historic places that have been abandoned or buried due to a natural disaster or war
  • Excavations of Historic sites
  • Remains from historic sites and structures

Ancient artefacts from the past help to shed light on the lives of our ancestors and cultural heritage. Below is the evolving list of Archaeological Museums featured on “Joy of Museums”.

Archaeological Museums


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