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Cultural and Heritage Museums

Cultural and Heritage Museums

Cultural and Heritage Museums

Cultural and Heritage Museums preserve, study, and exhibit the cultural traditions and cultural interpretations of a community’s historical experience.

It examines the records and narrative descriptions of the history and events about a culture or tradition.

Cultural and Heritage Museums interpret past events involving ethnic or social groups through social, cultural, and political milieu.

Cultural and Heritage Museums study and understand the record of human societies by denoting the various distinctive ways of living developed by a group of people.

Cultural history involves the aggregate of past cultural activity, such as traditions, ceremonies, values, religion, and their interaction within the broader context.

Cultural and Heritage Museums

Specialist Museums

A museum is an institution that cares for a collection in any field of endeavor that is of interest to humankind.

The types of museums vary from large institutions, covering many of the categories below, to smaller institutions focusing on highly specific subjects.



“I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.”  
– Vincent van Gogh


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