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Money, Banking and Mint Museums

Money, Banking and Mint Museums
Money, Banking and Mint Museums

Money, Banking and Mint Museums

Money, Banking, and Mint Museums preserve, study, and exhibit the history and technology related to different forms of payment, the minting of money, and the history of financial institutions such as Banks and Stock Exchanges.

The range of Museums in this category includes:

  • Coin Museums
  • Numismatic Museums
  • Treasury Museums
  • Mint Museums
  • Bank Museums

Virtual Tour of Money, Banking and Mint Museums

Money, Banking and Mint Museums

Bank of England Museum

The Bank of England Museum is located within the Bank of England in the City of London. The museum displays a wide-ranging collection detailing the history of the Bank from its foundation in 1694 to the modern-day.

The displays include a representation of a late 18th-century office, known as the Stock Office,  where holders of Bank stock would come to collect their dividends.

Exhibits cover the history of the bank in chronological order, including many images showing the history of the bank and its building.

Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is Australia’s official bullion mint and wholly owned by the Government of Western Australia.

Established in 1899, before Australia’s Federation in 1901, the Perth Mint was the last of the Australian colonial branches of the United Kingdom’s Royal Mint.

It was intended to refine gold from the gold rushes and mint gold sovereigns and half-sovereigns for the British Empire.

Old Treasury Building, Melbourne

The Old Treasury Building was once home to the Treasury Department of Victoria and is now a museum of Melbourne.

The museum focuses on Victoria’s history, the history of Indigenous Victorians, the first white settlement, Ned Kelly, and the Gold Rush.

Numismatic Museum of Athens

The Numismatic Museum in Athens houses one of the essential collections of coins, ancient and modern, globally.

The museum itself is housed in the mansion of the archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann.

The museum’s collection has 600,000 objects, mainly coins and medals, standard masses, dies, stamps, and others, from the 14th century BC until modern times.

Explore other Specialist Museums

A museum is an institution that cares for a collection in any field of endeavor that is of interest to humankind. The types of museums vary from large institutions, covering many of the categories below, to smaller institutions focusing on highly specific subjects.


“Never spend your money before you have earned it.”
– Thomas Jefferson


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