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Explore Museums, Artworks, Artifacts and Historical Sites by touring the categories below or by using the search function. Search is available by using the Magnifying Glass icon at the very top menu on the right of every page.


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5 Reasons to explore ‘Joy of Museums’

  • Become Smarter
    • Our primary role is to engage and educate. Every visit brings new information and insights.
  • Become Inspired
    • Our content inspires new interests in art, history, invention, science, ideas and new areas of learning. Reflections urge you to see the world differently.
  • Become Interesting
    • Enjoy an informal learning environment on your journey to create your unique self by reflecting on our collection of famous artistic, cultural, historical and scientific collection.
  • Discover Beauty
    • Come face to face with a masterpiece of Art, Science, Technology, Nature or History.
  • Feel Happier
    • Gain perspective and explore opportunities for positive reflection.

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Our Purpose is to explore Museums, Art Galleries and Historical Sites across the globe.

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“Museums, like theatres and libraries, are a means to freedom.”