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“Cape Town from the Top of Kloof Street” by Heinrich Hermann

Heinrich Hermann - Cape Town from the Top of Kloof Street

“Cape Town from the top of Kloof Street” by Heinrich Hermann

“Cape Town from the top of Kloof Street” by Heinrich Hermann was painted over 100 years ago when the church spires were the highest structures that could be seen in the Cape Town skyline.

The view from the top of Kloof Street is looking northeast across the center of Cape Town and down into Table Bay.

The word Kloof means ‘gorge’ in Afrikaans, so the street most probably was named after the vicinity’s deep ravine.

Today Kloof Street in Cape Town is full of bursting with restaurants, bars, clothing boutiques, and stores.

The skyline of Cape Town is now dominated by high-rise office and apartment towers and is over a century into the future from this early colonial water painting view.

Cape Town from the top of Kloof Street

  • Title:                    Cape Town from the top of Kloof Street
  • Artist:                  Heinrich Hermann
  • Date:                  1900
  • Medium:             Watercolor
  • Dimensions:        H: 310 mm (12.2 in). W: 485 mm (19.09 in).
  • Museum:             Iziko South African National Gallery

Heinrich Hermann

Cape Town

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Cape Town


“Nobody is born wise.”
– African proverb


Photo Credits: 1)George Stubbs [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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