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Royal Ontario Museum – Virtual Tour

Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontario Museum – Virtual Tour

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is a museum of art, world culture and natural history located in Toronto, Canada.

Royal Ontario Museum is one of the largest museums in North America, the largest in Canada.

With more than six million items and forty galleries, the museum has collections of dinosaurs, minerals and meteorites, Near Eastern and African art, Art of East Asia, European history, and Canadian history.

It houses a large collection of fossils and has an extensive collection of design and fine arts, including clothing, interior, and product design.

Virtual Tour Royal Ontario Museum

Highlights of the Royal Ontario Museum

Luohan – Yixian Glazed Ceramic Sculpture (ROM)

This life-size, glazed pottery sculpture represents a Luóhàn, which is a Chinese term for one who has gained insight into the true nature of existence and has achieved nirvana. 

This sculpture of Luohan shows him seated and hugging his left knee, wearing a monk’s robes of green and brown.

This sculpture is one of a set of 8 to 10 life-size Luohans made during the Liao dynasty (907–1125), which were discovered near caves, south of Beijing, in 1912.

They reached the international art market and were bought for Western collections. The circumstances of the find and the details of how the figures entered the global art market are vague.

Winged spirits venerating a Sacred Tree

This wall relief depicts two winged spirits venerating a sacred tree. The inscription is cuniform texts relating to King Ashurnasirpal II.

Ashurnasirpal II was King of Assyria from 883 to 859 BC. During his reign, he embarked on a vast program of expansion, first conquering many different peoples to expand his Empire.

The palaces, temples, and other buildings raised by him bear witness to a considerable development of wealth and art.

Royal Ontario Museum

  • Name:              The Royal Ontario Museum
  • Established:     1912
  • Collection        6,000,000 Objects
  • Visitors:           1 million
  • Location:         100 Queen’s Park, Toronto, Ontario

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Discover: THE ROM – Royal Ontario Museum

Walking Tour of Royal Ontario Museum ROM Toronto Ontario Canada

Royal Ontario Museum – Toronto


“Through other people’s faults, wise men correct their own.”
– Canadian Proverb


Photo Credit: 1) By Raysonho @ Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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