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Yamazaki Mazak Museum of Art

Yamazaki Mazak Museum - Joy of Museums

Yamazaki Mazak Museum of Art is a delightful art museum which focuses 18th- to 20th-century French paintings & period furnishings. The collection is composed of Old Masters of the French Rococo period, Romanticism, Neo-Classicism, Realism and Impressionism.

The collection also includes Art Nouveau glasswork and furniture from the end of the 19th century allowing visitors to experience the elegance of the French “salons” from a historic era.

Among the many masterpieces in the Yamazaki Mazak Museum of Art, the following are highlights:

To help you better appreciate the Yamazaki Mazak Museum of Art the following guides will be helpful:

Essential Facts:

  • Name:              Yamazaki Mazak Museum of Art
  • City:                   Nagoya
  • Country:            Japan
  • Established:     1959
  • Type:                 Art museum
  • Location:         1 Chome-19-30 Aoi, Higashi Ward, Aichi Prefecture, Japan


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Photo Credit: By JoyofMuseums