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“Marching Troops” by Jean-Baptiste Pater

"Marching Troops" by Jean-Baptiste Pater

“Marching Troops” by Jean-Baptiste Pater

“Marching Troops” by Jean-Baptiste Pater was painted by Jean-Baptiste Pater, who was a French Rococo painter who painted several military subjects in the style of his teacher Antoine Watteau. Pater adopted the popular Fête Galante subject matter, which featured figures in costumes enjoy themselves and frolicking amorously in parkland settings.

Pater used a traditional Rococo pastel palette, and his most characteristic difference in style, from other artists of the time, was his use of shimmering lines. His most prominent customer was Frederick the Great, who sat for two portraits.

Marching Troops

 Jean-Baptiste Pater

  • Artist:            Jean-Baptiste Pater
  • Born:              1695 – Valenciennes, France
  • Died:              1736
  • Nationality:  French
  • Style:              French Rococo
  • Notable work:

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