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Troughton & Simms Astronomical Telescope

Troughton & Simms Astronomical Telescope - Joy of Museums - National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo

This Troughton & Simms Astronomical Telescope was the first astronomical telescope in Japan. It was imported from Britain in 1880 to be used in the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory and was used for observation and education.  It is an equatorial refracting telescope with an aperture of 20cm. The body and mount are made of cast iron and the movable parts are made of brass.

Troughton & Simms was a British instrument-making firm, which produced hundreds of astronomical instruments such as mural circles, transit circles, sextants, and other astronomical instruments for observatories around the world.


  • Title:                             Troughton & Simms Astronomical Telescope
  • Manufactured by:      Troughton & Simms Ltd
  • Date:                             1800
  • Aperture:                     20cm
  • Material:                      Iron, brass & glass
  • Museum:                      National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo


“Fall down seven times, stand up eight.”
Japanese Proverb



Photo Credit: 1) By Joyofmuseums