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Ho Chi Minh City Museums

Museums in Ho Chi Minh City

Museums in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam and is located in southeast Vietnam, surrounding the Saigon River. From 1955 to 1975, it was named Saigon and was the capital of the Republic of Vietnam, commonly known as South Vietnam.

Today, Ho Chi Minh City is the financial center of Vietnam and the headquarters of many national and international banks and companies.

The city’s center is still adorned with wide elegant boulevards and historic French colonial buildings.

The city’s historical landmarks include the Bến Thành Market, Ho Chi Minh City Hall, Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon, Independence Palace, and the Municipal Theatre.

With a long, complicated history and unique culture, Ho Chi Minh City has many museums and historical sites of interest.

Museums in Ho Chi Minh City

  • Gia Long Palace
  • Museum of Vietnamese History
  • War Remnants Museum
  • Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts
  • Củ Chi tunnels
  • Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens


  • City:                                    Ho Chi Minh City
  • Vietnamese:                       Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh
  • Country:                              Vietnam
  • Settled:                               1698
  • Population:                         13.5 million Metro

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