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“A Summer Morning” by Rupert Bunny 

Rupert Bunny - A summer morning - Google Art Project

“A Summer Morning” by Rupert Bunny

“A Summer Morning” by Rupert Bunny is a romantic portrayal of two women at leisure, living the charmed and idyllic life of France’s comfortable life preceding the First World War. In this painting, Bunny has included a rose, a traditional symbol of love, as well as the white swans which are symbolic of grace and beauty.

This is a dream-like painting of an ideal view of life and art. The picture incorporates aspects of symbolism, aestheticism and allegorical subjects, which smoothly flow between representations of antiquity and a familiar modern landscape.

Rupert Bunny (1864 – 1947) was an Australian painter, who achieved success and critical acclaim as an expatriate in fin-de-siècle Paris. He gained an honourable mention at the Paris Salon of 1890 and a bronze medal at the Paris Exposition Universelle in 1900. The French state acquired 13 of his works for the Musée du Luxembourg and regional collections.

A Summer Morning

Rupert Bunny