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South Australian Museum


South Australian Museum

The South Australian Museum is a natural history museum founded in 1856. The museum contains a significant collection of Australian Aboriginal cultural artifacts.

The permanent galleries include exhibits on:

  • Australian Aboriginal Cultures
  • South Australian Biodiversity
  • World Mammals
  • Mawson
  • Megafauna
  • Minerals and Meteorites
  • Fossils
  • Pacific Cultures
  • Ancient Egyptian Room

Among the many historical objects and exhibits in the South Australian Museum, the following are some highlights:

  • Addyman Plesiosaur fossil
  • Australian Aboriginal Shields
  • Mawson Collection
  • Bronze head of an Oba (king) of Benin

South Australian Museum

  • Name:                       South Australian Museum
  • Established:             1847
  • Type:                         Natural history museum
  • Location:                  North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000
  • City:                           Adelaide

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“A museum is a place where one should lose one’s head.”
– Renzo Piano


Photo Credit: By Pdfpdf [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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