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Poker Machine, 1929

Queensland Police Museum - Joy of Museums - Poker Machine, 1929

Poker Machine, 1929

This Poker Machine is an unusual “pokie” because the odds of achieving three of a kind could be influenced by pressing the buttons at the top to stop the individual wheels. Many of this type of machine and others made in the U.S. were used in clubs in NSW from 1920-1950s.

Called a “Mills Jackpot Reserve” and nicknamed “Poinsetta,” this gambling machine has 20 symbols, but only every second one can stop in pay window. The buttons on top enable the player to stop the reels and therefore gave the machine a skill factor, thus giving it legal status at the time.

It is illegal for private individuals to own or operate gambling machines.

Poker Machine, 1929

  • Title:                     Poker Machine
  • Date:                     1929
  • Place Made:         Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
  • Manufacturer:     Mills Novelty Co
  • Materials:             Metals, Wood
  • Dimensions:         630 x 390 x 375
  • Museum:              Queensland Police Museum

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Photo Credit: JOM

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