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Your Visit to the National Museum of Australia

National Museum of Australia (437595660)

The Museum has won numerous awards including two Australian Tourism Awards for “Australia’s Major Tourist Attraction”.

Below are some details that may help you in planning your visit to the National Museum of Australia.

Location:                       Acton, Australian Capital Territory , Australia

Address:                        Lawson Cres, Acton,  ACT

Type:                               Social and Cultural history


Essential Facts:

  • Established:               1980
  • Exhibits and galleries include:
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories
    • Australian history and society since 1788
    • People’s interaction with the Australian environment.



“Do you know why I have credibility? Because I don’t exude morality.” Bob Hawke



Photo Credit:1) By Percita Dittmar from Canberra, Australia (Australian National Museum Uploaded by Parkes) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons