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“Melbourne from The Falls” by Robert Russell

State Library of Victoria - Joy of Museums - “Melbourne from The Falls” by Robert Russell

“Melbourne from The Falls” by Robert Russell

“Melbourne from The Falls” by Robert Russell depicts the early settlement of Melbourne from the southern side of the Yarra River. The Watercolour painting includes the rocky bar that formed The Falls near Queen Street. Buildings are identified an annotated on the mount.

The Fall, on the Yarra River, was vital to the small settlement, they were a natural ledge of rocks that prevented the saltwater of the bay from mixing with the fresh waters of the river. The Falls acted as the boundary of Melbourne’s first port, which was located on the Yarra between Elizabeth and Queen Streets.

Melbourne yarra twilight.jpg

Today’s Melbourne at the approximate site of “The Falls”

Among the many historical objects in the State Library of Victoria, the following are some of the highlights:

Melbourne from The Falls

  • Title:               Melbourne from The Falls
  • Artist:             Robert Russell
  • Year:               1837
  • Medium:        Watercolour
  • Dimensions:  29.7 x 43 cm.
  • Museum:        State Library of Victoria


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Photo Credits: 1) GM 2) CC BY-SA 3.0, Link