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Houses on The Terrace, Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison - Joy of Museums - Houses on The Terrace

Houses on The Terrace, Fremantle Prison

North and south of the gatehouse, located on The Terrace, are cottages built in the Victorian style to accommodate various prison officials such as the superintendent, the chaplain, and the gatekeeper. First established in 1853, they remained in use as housing for prison officers until the 1970s. The houses featured sitting rooms, bedrooms, dressing rooms, kitchens, water closets, and sheds.

Fremantle Prison map

Map of Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison was constructed between 1851 and 1859, using convict labor, these cottages were also built by convicts, and are located outside the wall either side of the gatehouse.

Fremantle Prison - Joy of Museums - Houses on The Terrace 2

Houses on The Terrace on the left side of the Gatehouse

Houses on The Terrace, Fremantle Prison

  • Title:                 Houses on The Terrace
  • Built:                From 1853
  • Use:                  Accommodation for Prison Officials
  • Museum:         Fremantle Prison

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“It is said that no one truly knows a nation until one has been inside its jails.”
– Nelson Mandela


Photo Credit: GM 2) By Evad37 (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons