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Parry Endeavour

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Parry Endeavour

The Parry Endeavour is the yacht which completed a record triple circumnavigation of the world in under 658 days. During this period, lone sailor, Jon Sanders, never set foot on land or had another person onboard. He survived on the provisions taken onboard when he first departed Fremantle, Australia and his only contact with the outside world was electronic communication and some parcels of mail thrown to him from passing vessel.

Jon Sanders, born 1939 is an Australian yachtsman and his yacht the Parry Endeavour was named after Captain James Cook’s converted coal hulk, Endeavour and his major sponsor Kevin Parry.

Jon Sanders

During one of his three successive solo circumnavigations of the globe, Jon Sanders approached Fremantle and agreed to pause and receive a consignment of mail which was thrown on to his yacht. No other form of direct contact was permitted under the rules of his voyage.

In 1986 Sanders set out from Fremantle and completed three solo non-stop circumnavigations aboard the Parry Endeavour, rounding Saint Peter and Saint Paul Archipelago just north of the Equator each time to ensure that his course covered both hemispheres. His historic voyage earned him 15 world records for endurance and achievements. The Parry Endeavour had sailed continuously over a distance of 131,535 kilometres, during which Sanders became the first yachtsman to complete five circumnavigations via Cape Horn.

Parry Endeavour

  • Title:                 Parry Endeavour
  • Built:                1985
  • Dimensions:    L: 47-foot (14 m)
  • Museum:         WA Maritime Museum


“We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.”
– William James


Photo Credit: GM