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Harding MCH Lifeboat

Harding MCH Lifeboat

Harding MCH Lifeboat

This Harding MCH Lifeboat is a totally enclosed lifeboat and is the Tanker Version, designed for ships or offshore infrastructure where there is a risk of burning oil and gases. This lifeboat and davit were commission in 1993 and is used to train maritime staff in using survival craft to international standard.

This Lifeboat is designed to be launched fully loaded with occupants secured by seat belts by up to a 20-meter vertical free fall. The boat is designed to roll through 360 degrees without affecting the engine’s operation. The seat-belt wearing passengers provide the ballast and center of gravity required to right the boat in rough seas.

The Lifeboats hatches can be hermetically sealed. It has a compressed-air breathing system and a motor-driven water pump to spray the boat for cooling thus allowing it to navigate through burning oil on the sea for one nautical mile.

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Harding MCH Lifeboat

  • Exhibit:                     Harding MCH Lifeboat
  • Builder:                    Harding AS, Rosendal, Norway
  • Built:                         1984
  • Capacity:                  40 people
  • Length:                     7.46 m
  • Breadth:                   2.9 m
  • Draught:                   1.15 m
  • Weight:                     3.6 tonnes
  • Construction:          Glass-reinforced fire retardant polyester (GRP)
  • Machinery:              2 cylinder SABB diesel motor 212 kW (30 hp) 130 litre capacity
  • Museum:               Australian National Maritime Museum

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“Set your course by the stars, not by the lights of every passing ship.”
– Omar N. Bradley


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