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Breeze Brigantine

New Zealand Maritime Museum - Breeze Brigantine

The Breeze Brigantine is a traditional wooden sailing ship similar to the ships used for New Zealand’s coastal trades in the 1800s. A brigantine is a two-masted sailing vessel and the Breeze has a square-rigged foremast and fore-and-aft rigged mainmast. Recreated as a replica coastal trader built in the traditions of 19th-century shipwrighting techniques, materials and construction and her brigantine rig spreads up to 11 sails.

Breeze sailed to Mururoa to protest French nuclear testing, after the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior which had been sunk in Auckland harbour in 1985. The sinking of the Rainbow Warrior was a bombing operation by the French foreign intelligence services. During the operation, two operatives sank the flagship of the Greenpeace fleet, the Rainbow Warrior in the port of Auckland, New Zealand before it made its way to a protest against a planned French nuclear test in Moruroa.

Essential Facts:

  • Exhibit:                  Breeze Brigantine
  • Materials:              Wood
  • Launched:             1981
  • Origin:                    New Zealand
  • Lengths:                 60 ft; 18.3m
  • Beam:                     16,5ft; 5.03 m
  • Depth:                    5.3 ft; 1.61m
  • Sail Area:              2420 sq ft; 225 sq m
  • Tonnage:               31 grt
  • Museum:               New Zealand Maritime Museum


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Photo Credit: By Joyofmuseums (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons