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City of Prague Museum

City of Prague Museum

City of Prague Museum

The City of Prague Museum’s collection covers the cultural history of Prague. The museum covers the history of the city spanning the ages, from Early Prehistoric, through to the turn of the Modern Era. The exhibitions provide insights into the evolution and development of the city.

The museum manages several historical buildings of historic interest which each holds both permanent and temporary exhibitions. Its cultural monuments include parts of the Stodůlky quarter of Prague.

The Museum’s essential buildings include:

  • The Main Building
  • Podskalí Custom House at Výtoň
  • Ctěnice Chateau
  • Prague Towers
  • House at the Golden Ring
  • Architectural Triangle

Highlights of the City of Prague Museum

  • Langweil’s Model of Prague
  • Archaeological collection from excavations around the city
  • Historical Vedute
  • Astronomical Clock’s
  • Medieval and Renaissance galleries

City of Prague Museum

  • Name:                    City of Prague Museum
  • Czech:                    Muzeum hlavního města Prahy
  • City:                        Prague
  • Country:                 Czech Republic
  • Opened:                 1898
  • Location:                Na Poříčí 1554/52, Prague 8

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