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Jewish Museum in Prague

Jewish Museum in Prague

Jewish Museum in Prague

The Jewish Museum in Prague is a museum of Jewish heritage in the Czech Republic. Its collection includes about 40,000 objects, 100,000 books, and significant archive of Czech and Moravian Jewish community histories.

Highlights of the Jewish Museum in Prague

  • Stamp of the Greater Coat of Arms of Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor
  • Interrogation I by Friedl Dicker-Brandeisová
  • Portrait of Solomon Judah Loeb Rapoport (1790-1867) by Anton Machek

Jewish Museum in Prague

The museum administers and manages the following:

  • The Maisel Synagogue
  • The Pinkas Synagogue
  • The Spanish Synagogue
  • The Klausen Synagogue
  • Ceremonial Hall of the Prague Jewish Burial Society
  • Old Jewish Cemetery
  • Robert Guttmann Gallery
  • Archive situated in the Smichov Synagogue

National Museum in Prague

  • Name:                     National Museum in Prague
  • Czech:                     Židovské Muzeum v Praze
  • City:                         Prague
  • Country:                  Czech Republic
  • Established:            1906
  • Location:                U Staré školy 141/1, Staré Město, Czechia

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“Do not protect yourself with a fence, but rather by your friends.”
– Czech Proverb


Photo Credit: Feťour [CC0]