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Musée Marc Chagall

Musée Marc Chagall

Musée Marc Chagall

Musée Marc Chagall is dedicated to the work of painter Marc Chagall with a focus on his works inspired by religion. The museum was created during Chagall’s lifetime and houses the series of seventeen paintings illustrating the biblical message, painted by Chagall and offered to the French State. This series illustrates the books of Genesis, Exodus and the Song of Songs.

Chagall himself provided detailed instructions about the creation of the garden and decided the place of each of his works in the museum. Chagall created the mosaic which overlooks the pond and the blue stained glasses that decorate the concert hall.

As the collection has grown, what was a museum illustrating the theme Biblical message has become a monographic museum dedicated to Chagall’s works of religious and spiritual inspiration. The artist gave the museum all the preparatory sketches of the Message Biblique as well as stained glass and sculptures, and in 1986, the museum acquired, in lieu of inheritance taxes, the complete drawings and gouaches painted to depict the Exodus and ten other paintings.

Further acquisitions have made this museum’s collection the largest collection of works by Marc Chagall.

Highlights of the Musée Marc Chagall

  • The Sacrifice of Isaac
  • Moses receiving the Tablets of the Law
  • Apocalypse in Lilac, Capriccio
  • I and the Village

Musée Marc Chagall

  • Museum:                           Musée Marc Chagall
  • Also known as:                 National Museum Marc Chagall Biblical Message (“Musée national message biblique Marc Chagall”)
  • City:                                   Nice
  • Country:                            French
  • Inaugurated:                     1973

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