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Guimet Museum – Musée Guimet

Guimet Museum - Musée Guimet

Guimet Museum – Musée Guimet

The Guimet Museum is an art museum with one of the largest collections abroad of Asian art. The museum first opened at Lyon in 1879 and later transferred to Paris, opening in 1889.

The museum contains an excellent collection of Chinese and Japanese porcelain and many objects relating not merely to the religions of the East but also those of ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. 

Some of the museum’s artifacts were collected from Southeast Asia by French authorities during the colonial period.

Highlights of the Guimet Museum – Musée Guimet

  • Gandhara Buddha, 1st-2nd century CE
  • Standing Buddha, ancient region of Gandhara, northern Afghanistan, 1st century
  • A Corinthian capital with a Buddha at its center, 2nd century, Surk Kotal, Afghanistan
  • The Greek god Atlas, supporting a Buddhist monument, Hadda
  • Head of a Bodhisattva, 6th-7th century terracotta, Tumshuq (Xinjiang).

Guimet Museum – Musée Guimet

  • Name:               Guimet Museum – Musée Guimet
  • French:              Musée national des arts asiatiques [MNAAG] or Musée Guimet
  • City:                   Paris
  • Country:            France
  • Created:            1879
  • Type:                 Art Museum
  • Address:            6, place d’Iéna in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, France

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Map for Guimet Museum – Musée Guimet

Musée national des arts asiatiques Guimet – Musée Guimet – Paris

Angkor Wat – Masterpieces of the Musée National Des Arts Asiatique – Guimet Museum

Behind the scenes of the “Angkor” exhibition – Installation of works at the Guimet Museum


“The richness I achieve comes from Nature, the source of my inspiration.”
– Claude Monet


Photo Credit: Gerd Eichmann / CC BY-SA creativecommons.

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