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“The Quai Saint-Michel and Notre-Dame” by Maximilien Luce

Maximilien Luce - The Quai Saint-Michel and Notre-Dame - Google Art Project

“The Quai Saint-Michel and Notre-Dame” by Maximilien Luce

“The Quai Saint-Michel and Notre-Dame” by Maximilien Luce was created using the technique of separate dabs of colour to create this painting. The view is from the Saint-Michel embankment and in the centre of the picture the cathedral rises up, radiant in oranges, pinks and reds tones and with bluish shadows made up of fine, juxtaposed brush strokes. The embankment and the bridge, which are under a shadow, as the sun sets and are painted using broader brushstrokes, with blue tones and purplish pink colours.

Towering over all the transient human activity stands Notre-Dame cathedral, a symbol of permanence. Notre-Dame de Paris also known as Notre-Dame Cathedral is a medieval Catholic cathedral and one of the most beautiful examples of French Gothic architecture. Construction began in 1163 with the final elements completed in 1345. Notre-Dame has been a favourite subject for art by many famous artists.

Maximilien Luce was a prolific Neo-impressionist artist, he concentrated on painting, first as an Impressionist, then as a Pointillist, and finally returning to Impressionism. This painting is just one of ten paintings he created of Notre Dame de Paris.


The Quai Saint-Michel and Notre-Dame:

  • Title:                 The Quai Saint-Michel and Notre-Dame
  • Français:         Le Quai Saint-Michel et Notre-Dame
  • Artist:               Maximilien Luce
  • Year:                 1901
  • Medium:          Oil on canvas
  • Dimensions    73 cm × 60 cm (29 in × 24 in)
  • Museum:         Musée d’Orsay, Paris

Maximilien Luce:

  • Name:                   Maximilien Luce
  • Born:                    1858 – Paris, France
  • Died:                     1941 (aged 82) – Paris, France
  • Nationality:         French
  • Movement:          Post-Impressionism
  • Notable works:
    • The port of Saint-Tropez
    • The Quai Saint-Michel and Notre-Dame


“If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” Vincent van Gogh



Photo Credit: 1)  Maximilien Luce [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons