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Your Visit to The Pergamon Museum

Pergamon Museum Berlin hm

The Pergamon Museum is located on the “Museum Island” in the city of Berlin, Germany. The museum building was constructed over a period of twenty years, from 1910 to 1930.

PLease note that over the next few years The Pergamon Museum and other Museums on Museum Island, Berlin, may be partially closed for significant upgrades to the site and museum buildings as part of a master plan for the entire Unesco World Heritage Site.

The Pergamon Exhibit may be closed for a complete remodeling of the exhibit hall, including the installation of a new glass ceiling and a new climate control system. The exhibit is scheduled to reopened in approximately 2020.

Location: Pergamonmuseum, Berlin, Germany

Visitor numbers:  The museum receives over 1 million visitors a year

Public transit access:   Friedrichstraße Train Station

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Photo Credit: By Gryffindor [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons