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Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg

Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg

Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg

The Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg is a museum in Hamburg, Germany, with a collection of model ships, construction plans, uniforms, and maritime art, amounting to over 40,000 items. The collection is split across ten floors in a former warehouse, organised in the following themes:

  • The big world of ship models, water sports
  • Maritime Art
  • Marine research, energy and fisheries
  • Merchant shipping, cruise and ports
  • Navies of the world, from 1815 to the present
  • Life on naval vessels, ship’s armament
  • The development of shipbuilding and engineering
  • Sailing ships – from antiquity to the Hanse Sail, Cape Horniers and piracy
  • Explorers, navigation, communications and children’s area
  • Restaurant and museum shop

Highlights of the Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg

  • Model ships made of whale bones
  • Naval weapons
  • Naval uniforms, and decorations

Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg

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