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Kunsthalle Hamburg

Kunsthalle Hamburg

Kunsthalle Hamburg

The Hamburger Kunsthalle is the art museum of Hamburg and is one of the largest museums in Germany. The name ‘Kunsthalle’ derives the museum’s history as an ‘art hall’ when founded in 1850. Today, the Kunsthall’s collections cover seven centuries of European art, from the Middle Ages to the present day.

The Kunsthalle’s permanent collections focus on North German painting of the 14th century, and paintings by Dutch, Flemish and Italian artists of the 16th and 17th centuries, French and German drawings and paintings of the 19th century, and international modern and contemporary art.

The Kunsthalle consists of three connected buildings, dating from 1869, 1921 and 1997, located in the Altstadt district.

Highlights of the Kunsthalle Hamburg

Kunsthalle Hamburg

  • Name:            Kunsthalle Hamburg
  • City:                Hamburg
  • Country:          Germany
  • Established:    1869
  • Type:                Art Museum
  • Location:         Glockengießerwall, Hamburg, Germany

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