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Museum August Kestner

Museum August Kestner

Museum August Kestner

Museum August Kestner was founded in 1889, and its collections focus on four different categories of antiquities: Ancient Egypt, Classical Antiquity, Numismatics and Applied Art / Design.

Ancient Egypt

  • The Egyptian collection provides an overview of the ancient Egyptian culture of four millennia with exhibits from prehistoric times (4th millennium BC), pharaonic Egypt, to early Christianity (6th century AD).

Ancient Cultures

  • The collection of antiquities mainly includes handicraft objects of the Greeks, Etruscans and Romans.

Applied Art / Design

  • The collection includes artefacts and art from the Middle Ages to today from all over Europe as well as classics of international product design.

Numismatics – Coins and Medals

  • The museum’s coin collection contains about 100,000 pieces and conveys 2600 years of monetary history, starting with the oldest coins from ancient Greece.

Highlights of the Museum August Kestner

  • Ki-nebu and Isis, 20th Dynasty (c. 1140 BCE)
  • Amphora, painter of Munich 1519, around 510 BC Chr.
  • Portrait of Emperor Claudius, around 50 AD

Museum August Kestner

  • Name:          Museum August Kestner
  • Previously:   Kestner-Museum
  • City:             Hannover
  • Country:      Germany
  • Founded:    1889
  • Type:            Ancient Egypt, Classical Antiquity, Numismatics and Handicraft.
  • Location:      Trammplatz 3, Hannover, Germany

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