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Munich Museums

Munich skyline

Munich Museums

Munich is the capital of Bavaria, and, it is the third-largest city of Germany after Berlin and Hamburg, as well as the 12th-largest city in the European Union. Straddling the banks of the River Isar, a tributary of the Danube, it is the most densely populated municipality in Germany. The city is a major centre of the arts, technology, finance, publishing, culture, and innovation in Germany.

The name of the city is derived from words meaning “by the monks” and relates to the monks of the Benedictine order, who ran a monastery at the place that was later to become the Old Town of Munich.  A monk is depicted on the city’s coat of arms and strongly resisted the Reformation, and later Bavaria was established as a sovereign kingdom in 1806. With a strong independent spirit Munich is the home to some of the great museums of the world and featured in “Joy of Museums” are the following:

  • Art Galleries
    • Alte Pinakothek
    • Neue Pinakothek
    • Pinakothek der Moderne
    • Lenbachhaus
    • Museum Brandhorst
  •   Greek and Roman Art
    • Glyptothek
    • Staatliche Antikensammlungen
  • Egyptian Art
    • Staatliche Sammlung für Ägyptische Kunst

Munich’s Museums

  • City:                      Munich
  • German:               München
  • State:                    Bavaria
  • Country:               Germany
  • Population:          2.6 million, Metro

Map of Munich


“I don’t have plans, I only have goals.”
– German Proverb


Photo Credit: Stefan Kühn [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY-SA 2.5 (], from Wikimedia Commons