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Map of the Ancient Agora of Athens

Map of ancient agorà

Map of the Ancient Agora of Athens


The ancient Athenian agora has been excavated by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens since 1931 and continue to the present day. In the 1950s the Hellenistic Stoa of Attalos was reconstructed on the east side of the agora, and today it serves as a museum and as storage and office space for the excavation team.

Buildings and Structures of the Classical Agora

  • Peristyle Court
  • Mint
  • Enneakrounos
  • South Stoa
  • Aiakeion
  • Strategeion
  • Agoraios Kolonos
  • Tholos
  • Monument of the Eponymous Heroes
  • Metroon
  • New Bouleuterion
  • Temple of Hephaestus (Hephaestion)
  • Temple of Apollo Patroos
  • Stoa of Zeus
  • Altar of the Twelve Gods
  • Stoa Basileios (Royal stoa)
  • Temple of Aphrodite Urania
  • Stoa of Hermes
  • Stoa Poikile

Ancient Agora of Athens

  • Name:                   Ancient Agora of Athens
  • Greek:                   Αρχαία Αγορά της Αθήνας
  • Alternate name: Forum of Athens
  • Founded:              6th century BC
  • Excavation:         1931
  • City:                       Athens
  • Country:               Greece
  • Location:              Athens, Attica, Greece

Map of the Ancient Agora of Athens


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Photo Credit: By Davide Mauro [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons