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Statue of Aghias of Pharsala

Statue of Agias of Pharsala - Delphi Archaeological Museum by Joy of Museums

Statue of Aghias of Pharsala

This statue represents the athlete Aghias, who was a champion in many 5th century B.C. Panhellenic games featuring the pankration, a combination of wrestling and boxing. This statue is part of a group of statues that represent the votive offering of Daochos II. The group consisted of nine statues, eight of which represented members of Daochos’ family and one a god, probably Apollo. Daochos II, the grandson of Aghias, was a politician from Pharsalus and dedicated the offerings as a sign of honour to his prominent family.

The sculptural group is one of the most significant offerings made by a private person to the Delphic sanctuary of Apollo. The inscriptions mention the names and the most important accomplishments of the family members. The most complete statue is of Aghias, great-grandfather of Daochos II and who was the renowned athlete of the pankration in the 5th century BC, who was repeatedly victorious in all of the Panhellenic games. This group is attributed to the famed sculptor Lysippos or his school.


  • How does this statue differ from the ‘Twins’ of Argos figures?


Statue of Aghias of Pharsala

  • Title:            Statue of Aghias of Pharsala
  • Sculptor:      Lysippos
  • Date:            339 and 334 BC
  • Find site:       Sanctuary of Apollo in Delphi
  • Material:       Parian Marble
  • Museums:     Delphi Archaeological Museum


“Love of money and nothing else will ruin Sparta.”
– Oracle of Delphi


Photo Credit: JOM

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