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Archaeological Museum of Pella

Archaeological Museum of Pella
Archaeological Museum of Pella

The Archaeological Museum of Pella is on the site of the ancient city of Pella, close to the archaeological site of the ancient Macedonian palace. The museum’s collection includes artifacts covering the daily life of Ancient Pella, coins, inscriptions, sculptures, vases. The museum also preserves and exhibits numerous mosaics from palaces, mansions, and sanctuaries.

At the ancient city of Pella was discovered the most massive tomb ever found in Greece. Also, archaeologists have uncovered thousands of other tombs containing rich and elaborate grave goods with rich ancient Macedonian artifacts ranging from ceramics to precious metals. Warrior tombs have also been discovered with helmets, weapons, and jewelry.

Exhibits of Archaeological Museum of Pella

  • Stag Hunt Mosaic

Greek Proverbs and Quotes

Archaeological Museum of Pella

  • Museum:       Archaeological Museum of Pella
  • Greek:            Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο Πέλλας
  • Completed:   2009
  • Location:        Central Macedonia, Greece
  • Country:         Greece


“I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep;
I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.”
– Alexander the Great


Photo Credit: JOM