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Bey Hamam

Bey Hamam (Thessaloniki) by Joy of Museums

Bey Hamam

Bey Hamam also called the “Baths of Paradise”, is a Turkish bathhouse built in 1444 by Sultan Murad II. It was the first Ottoman bath in Thessaloniki and the most historic in Greece representing an important reminder of the Ottoman history of the region. It is a double batch, with separate baths for men and women. However, the male quarters are the most luxurious. The baths are organised as three rooms, the cold, tepid, and hot rooms. A large rectangular cistern next to the baths regulated the water supply. The baths remained in usage, under the name “Baths of Paradise” up until 1968.

The baths for the men include a large octagonal cold room, with a gallery resting on columns, arcades surrounding their windows, and a painted dome. It is followed by the tepid room, also octagonal, equipped with a dome and with a series of painted depictions of plants. Then the complex of hot rooms ordered around an ample space with the massage table in its centre. Eight smaller hot and tepid rooms open onto this central space, and they are each equipped with basins and marble benches.

Bey Hamam Photo Gallery

  • Bey Hamam Photo Gallery

Bey Hamam

  • Name:            Bey Hamam
  • City:               Thessaloniki
  • Country:        Greece
  • Established: 1444
  • Type:             Historical Site Museum
  • Location:      Egnatia Street in Thessaloniki, east of Panagia Chalkeon.


“A nation devoid of art and artists cannot have a full existence.
– Mustafa Kemal Atatürk


Photo Credit: JOM