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“Portrait of Doña Antonia Zárate” by Francisco Goya (National Gallery of Ireland)

Francisco de Goya y Lucientes - Portrait of Antonia Zárate - WGA10053

“Portrait of Doña Antonia Zárate” by Francisco Goya

“The Portrait of Doña Antonia Zárate” by the Spanish artist Francisco Goya is a portrait of the actress Antonia Zárate. It was produced in Goya’s studio and it shows her wearing a fashionable black silk dress in the Empire style. Her arms are covered by fingerless white gloves, her hands holding a closed fan and a mantilla on her head and shoulders.

Antonia Zárate was the daughter of an actor and director of a performing company. She continued in the family tradition as an actress and singer with success throughout Spain, but mainly acted in the Spanish capital where she became a friend of Francisco Goya.

This portrait was painted in 1805 and a second portrait was also painted in 1810-11, the face and hair are very similar, however, the background and dress are very different. This second painting is now in the Hermitage Museum.

Francisco-Goya - Portrait-of-the-Actress-Antonia-Zarate

This “Portrait of Doña Antonia Zárate” is an 1810-1811 painting, now in the Hermitage Museum

This first Goya masterpiece, painted in 1805, was stolen twice, in the 1970’s and then again in 1980’s from a private collector twice. After the recovery in 1993, it was donated to the National Gallery of Ireland.

Portrait of Doña Antonia Zárate

  • Title:                 Portrait of Doña Antonia Zárate
  • Spanish:           Retrato de Doña Antonia Zárate
  • Artist:               Francisco de Goya
  • Created:           1805
  • Medium:         oil on canvas
  • Periods:           Baroque
  • Dimensions:   H: 103.5 cm (40.7 in). W: 82 cm (32.3 in).
  • Museum:         National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin

Francisco Goya


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Photo Credit 1) Francisco de Goya [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons