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Bologna Museums


Museums in Bologna

The Etruscans initially established Bologna, and the city has been a major urban center for centuries, first under the Romans, then in the Middle Ages, when it was among one of the largest European cities. Bologna is home to the oldest university in the world, the University of Bologna, established in AD 1088.

Bologna is famous for its towers, churches, and porticoes and has preserved its historical center. Bologna is a historic city and has many museums and art galleries.

A Virtual Tour of Museums in Bologna

  • The Archaeological Civic Museum (MCA) of Bologna
  • Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Vita
  • Pinacoteca Nazionale
  • Palazzo Poggi Museum
  • Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna
  • Medieval Museum
  • Palazzo Pepoli Vecchio
  • Santa Maria della Vita
  • Museum for the Memory of Ustica
  • Morandi Museum
  • International Museum and Library of Music
  • Industrial Heritage Museum
  • Museum of San Colombano – Tagliavini Collection
  • Palazzo d’Accursio
  • Collection of Anatomical Waxes “Luigi Cattaneo”
  • Collezioni Comunali d’Arte
  • The Observatory Museum
  • Museum of Zoology
  • Palazzo Pannolini, Bologna
  • Palazzo Davia Bargellini, Bologna
  • Geological Museum “Giovanni Capellini”
  • Palazzo Fava
  • Bologna City Museum of the Risorgimento
  • Museo Memoriale della Libertà
  • Gelato Museum Carpigiani


  • City:                      Bologna
  • Country:               Italy
  • Population:          1 million

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Italian Proverbs and Quotes

Map of Bologna


“Short prayers reach heaven.”
– Italian Proverb


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