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Milan today is the capital of Lombardy and the second largest city in Italy. Milan has a long, rich history, having been founded around 600 BC by a Celtic tribe, the Romans, captured the city in 222 BC. In 286 AD. Diocletian moved the capital of the Western Roman Empire from Rome to Milan. It was from Milan that Emperor Constantine issued the Edict of Milan in 313 AD, granting tolerance to all religions within the Empire, thus paving the way for Christianity to become the dominant religion of the Empire. In 402, the city was besieged by the Goths, and the Imperial residence moved to Ravenna.

In its more recent history, following Austrian rule, Italian nationalists formed an alliance and defeated Austria and incorporated Milan into the Kingdom of Sardinia, which soon gained control of most of Italy and in 1861 was rechristened as the Kingdom of Italy. The political unification of Italy cemented Milan’s commercial dominance over northern Italy which continues to today.

Milan is a beautiful citiy and famous for its fashion an culture as is its art and architecture and monuments. The city contains numerous museums and art galleries, the following museums will featured on the “Joy of Museums”:

Essential Facts:

  • City:                      Milan
  • Italian:                 Milano
  • Country:              Italy
  • Population:         1.3 million



“Short prayers reach heaven.” – “Breve orazione penetra.” Italian Proverb



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