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Vatican Museums

Vatican Museums Spiral Staircase 2012

Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums are a collection of museums located in Vatican City, located in Rome, Italy. The Vatican Museums showcases historical and artistic works from the vast collection of works collected by many Popes of the Catholic Church over many centuries.

The Vatican Museums’ collections are over 70,000 works of which less than one-third are displayed at any point in time. There are 54 galleries in the museum with one of the key attractions being the Sistine Chapel.

Masterpieces of the Vatican Museums

Information about The Vatican Museums

List of Vatican Museums

    • Gregorian Egyptian Museum
    • Gregorian Etruscan Museum
    • Pio Clementino Museum
    • Chiaramonti Museum
    • Lapidary Gallery
    • New Wing
    • Gregoriano Profano Museum
    • Lapidario Profano ex Lateranense
    • Pius-Christian Museum
    • Christian Lapidarium
    • Jewish Lapidarium
    • Pinacoteca
    • Ethnological Museum
    • Carriage Pavilion
    • Christian Museum
    • Profane Museum
    • Room of the Aldobrandini Wedding
    • Chapel of St. Peter Martyr
    • Collection of Contemporary Art
    • Sistine Chapel
    • Raphael’s Rooms
    • Borgia Apartment
    • Niccoline Chapel
    • Chapel of Urban VIII
    • Room of the Immaculate Conception
    • Room of the Chiaroscuri

Vatican Museums

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“Anybody can be Pope; the proof of this is that I have become one.”
Pope John XXIII


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