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Portrait of Doña Antonia Zárate by Francisco Goya (Hermitage Museum)

Francisco-Goya - Portrait-of-the-Actress-Antonia-Zarate

Portrait of Doña Antonia Zárate by Francisco Goya

“The Portrait of Doña Antonia Zárate” by the Spanish artist Francisco Goya is a portrait of the actress Antonia Zárate. It was produced in Goya’s studio and it shows her wearing most likely an outfit from one of her performances.

Antonia Zárate was the daughter of an actor and director of a performing company. She continued in the family tradition as an actress and singer with success throughout Spain, but mainly acted in the Spanish capital where she became a friend of Francisco Goya.

This portrait was painted in 1810 – 1811 and may have been derived from an earlier and larger portrait painted in 1805, the face and hair are very similar, however, the background and dress are very different. This second painting is now in the National Gallery of Ireland.

Francisco de Goya y Lucientes - Portrait of Antonia Zárate - WGA10053

This “Portrait of Doña Antonia Zárate” is an 1810-1811 painting, now in the National Gallery of Ireland

Portrait of Doña Antonia Zárate

  • Title:                 Portrait of Doña Antonia Zárate
  • Spanish:           Retrato de Doña Antonia Zárate
  • Artist:               Francisco de Goya
  • Created:           1810/11
  • Medium:          oil on canvas
  • Periods:            Baroque
  • Dimensions:    71 × 58 cm (28 × 22.8 in)
  • Museum:          Hermitage MuseumSaint Petersburg

Francisco Goya


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Photo Credit 1) Francisco de Goya [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons