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National Museum Cardiff – Virtual Tour

National Museum Cardiff - Virtual Tour

National Museum Cardiff – Virtual Tour

National Museum Cardiff is a museum and art gallery in Cardiff, Wales. It was founded in 1905, but owing to the First World War it did not open to the public until 1922, with the official opening taking place in 1927. 

The museum has collections of botany, fine and applied art, geology, and zoology. Archaeology has been moved to the St Fagans National Museum of History.

The Clore Discovery Centre offers hands-on exploration of the museum’s 7.5 million items that are normally in storage, including insects, fossils, and Bronze Age weapons. 

National Museum of Art

The National Museum of Art opened in 2011 with a collection of Old Master paintings and landscape paintings in the classical tradition which includes works by Claude, Gaspard Dughet, Salvator Rosa, and two works by Nicolas Poussin.

There is a gallery devoted to British 18th-century art and a collection of French art.

The art gallery also has works by all of the notable Welsh artists and a collection of 20th-century art.

Highlights of National Museum Cardiff

  • Queen Eleanor” by Frederick Sandys
  • The Virgin and Child between Saint Helena and St Francis by Amico Aspertini
  • The Poulterer’s Shop by Frans Snyders
  • A Calm by Jan van de Cappelle
  • Portrait of Catharina Hooghsaet by Rembrandt
  • Madonna and Child with a Pomegranate by Sandro Botticelli and his studio

National Museum Cardiff

  • Museum:               National Museum Cardiff
  • Welsh:                   Amgueddfa Genedlaethol Caerdydd
  • City:                       Cardiff
  • Country:                Wales
  • State:                     United Kingdom
  • Established:          1912
  • Type:                     Museum and Art Gallery
  • Location:               Cathays Park, Cardiff, Wales

The National Museum Cardiff

National Museum Cardiff Tour

National History Museum – Cardiff, Wales

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Map for the National Museum Cardiff

Y Cerflun Newydd: Icarws | The New Sculpture: Icarus

New Welsh Dinosaur at Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales


Around the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff


“If you want to be a leader, be a bridge.”
– Welsh Proverb


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