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Leeds Art Gallery

Leeds Art Gallery

Leeds Art Gallery

Leeds Art Gallery collection includes 19th-century and earlier artworks as well as 20th-century British Art. It is linked to Leeds Central Library and to the Henry Moore Institute, with which it shares some sculptures. A Henry Moore sculpture, Reclining Woman: Elbow (1981), stands in front of the entrance.

In front of the gallery is Victoria Square, which is often used for rallies and demonstrations because of the speakers’ dais provided by the raised entrance to the gallery.

A Tour of the Leeds Art Gallery

Leeds Art Gallery

  • Museums:             Leeds Art Gallery
  • City:                       Leeds
  • Country:                England
  • Established:          1888
  • Type:                     Art Gallery
  • Location:              The Headrow, Leeds, UK

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Map for Leeds Art Gallery

Tour of The History of Leeds Art Gallery


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