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Stela of Hotep and Khnumu

Egyptian stela of Hetep and Khnumu, World Museum Liverpool
This “Stela of Hotep and Khnumu” is 4,000 years old and has survived intact and has six rows of finely carved hieroglyphs. The text provides the name of two brothers,  Khnumu and Hotep and both are described as stewards. The text also names their mother and their grandfather.

The register on the bottom of the stela shows three men walking, all carrying a walking stick in their right-hand and a kherep-sceptre in their left hand. There were various types of sceptres in Egypt that designated different powers. The kherep pictured here was probably an insignia of their office. Two of the men are Khnumu and Hotep, and the central figure, with a small beard, is an ancestor.


Stela of Hotep and Khnumu:

  • Name:                  Stela of Hotep and Khnumu
  • Date:                    1985 BC – 1795 BC (Dynasty 12) about
  • Culture:               Egyptian, Middle Kingdom
  • Material:            Granite
  • Providence:        Egypt
  • Date found:         ?
  • Dimensions:      950 mm x 570 mm x 350 mm x 414 kg
  • Museum:            World Museum


“Leave him in error who loves his error.” Egyptian Proverb



Photo Credit: By Reptonix free Creative Commons licensed photos [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons