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Stela of Nesshutefnut

Nesshutefnut stela, World Museum Liverpool

The “Stela of Nesshutefnut” is a wooden stela mounted on two plinths covered with white gesso and finely decorated in red, blue, green and black. In the top third of the stela are depicted two figures of Anubis as a jackal. In the middle third of the stela is the deceased, Nesshutefnut, on the right is making an offering to seven deities. On the bottom, third is an inscription, in six lines. On top of the stela is a Bâ, which is depicted as a human-headed bird flying out of the tomb to join with the Ka in the afterlife.

The “Stela of Nesshutefnut” was found at Hissayeh in Upper Egypt during excavations undertaken there in 1905 of a rock-cut tomb. These excavations also uncovered the mummy and coffin of Nesshutefnut in the same tomb.


Stela of Nesshutefnut:

  • Name:                  Stela of Nesshutefnut
  • Date:                    332 BC
  • Culture:               Ptolemaic Period
  • Material:             Paint; Wood; Gesso
  • Providence:        Hissayeh, Egypt
  • Date found:         1905
  • Dimensions:       410 mm x 312 mm x 160 mm
  • Museum:            World Museum


“Leave him in error who loves his error.” Egyptian Proverb



Photo Credit: By Rept0n1x (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons