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Grant Museum of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy

Grant Museum of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy
Grant Museum of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy

The Grant Museum of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy is a natural history museum that is part of University College London in London, England. It was established in 1828 as a teaching collection of zoological specimens and material for dissection. It is one of the oldest natural history collections in the UK  and contains around 68,000 zoological specimens, many of which are very rare and several of which have been recently rediscovered.

The collection contains specimens from many former university collections in addition to material from London Zoo and various London hospital comparative anatomy collections. The museum also includes specimens from the collections of Thomas Henry Huxley, Karl Pearson, Victor Negus and Doris Mackinnon, and material from the Discovery Expedition and Challenger Expedition.

Established by Robert Edmond Grant in 1828, when he was the first Chair of Zoology in England, the Grant Museum has been in continuous use by students at University College London since 1828, and first opened to the public in 1996. In 2011, the museum moved from its earlier location in the Darwin Building on the University campus to new quarters in the Thomas Lewis Room in the Rockefeller Building, formerly the UCL Medical School library.

Exhibits of the Grant Museum of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy

  • Quagga skeleton
  • Thylacine specimens
  • Dodo bones
  • Blaschka glass models

Grant Museum of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy

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