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National Army Museum, London

National Army Museum

National Army Museum, London

The National Army Museum is the British Army’s central museum. It is located adjacent to the Royal Hospital Chelsea, the home of the “Chelsea Pensioners”. The museum houses five galleries that cover British military history from the English Civil War up to modern day. The museum focuses on the overall history of British land forces, unlike other military museums in the United Kingdom which concentrate on the history of individual corps and regiments of the British Army.

The National Army Museum was established by Royal Charter in 1960, with the intention of collecting, preserving, and exhibiting objects and records relating to the Regular and Auxiliary forces of the British Army and of the Commonwealth, and to encourage research into their history and traditions. The new purpose-built building, designed in brutalist style on a site which had previously formed part of the old infirmary of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, was opened by the Queen in 1971. The museum has five new galleries – Soldier, Army, Battle, Society and Insight.

Highlights of the National Army Museum, London

  • Cannon
  • Wheel-lock and flint pistols
  • Civil War uniforms
  • Wellington memorabilia
  • Redcoat Uniforms

National Army Museum, London

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