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Gogotte – Natural History Museum, London

Gogotte - Natural History Museum, London - Joy of Museums

This Gogotte was found in the Paris Basin France, where some of the most beautiful naturally occurring sculptures are found. A rare and intriguing example, it dates from the Oligocene Period and is 28 – 33 million years old. It is produced when superheated water extruded through crevices into a basin of extremely fine white silicate sand. The silica then cemented the sand together to form the Gogotte’s fluid lines, which created natural sculptures.

This Gogotte is a rare natural beauty that formed within a rock that was deposited when the area was covered by sand dunes leaving a thick deposit of pure sand. Goggotes are formed from quartz crystals and calcium carbonate.


  • Title:            Gogotte
  • Found          Paris Basin France
  • Date:            28 – 33 million years old
  • Period:        Early Oligocene Period
  • Material:    Quartz crystals and calcium carbonate
  • Museum:    Natural History Museum, London

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