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Science Museum, London

Science Museum

Science Museum, London

The Science Museum is a major museum in London, which was founded in 1857 and today is one of the city’s major tourist attractions. The Science Museum now holds a collection of over 300,000 items, it also contains hundreds of interactive exhibits.

Exhibits of the Science Museum, London

  • Stephenson’s Rocket
    • Stephenson’s Rocket was an early steam locomotive, built for the Rainhill Trials held by the Liverpool & Manchester Railway in 1829 to choose the best design to power the railway. The Rocket designed by Robert Stephenson won the trials, and although it was not the first steam locomotive, it was the most advanced locomotive of its day.

      It is a famous example of the evolving design of locomotives that became the template for most steam engines in the following 150 years. The locomotive had a tall smokestack chimney, a cylindrical boiler and a separate firebox at the rear. The large front pair of wooden wheels was driven by two external cylinders set at an angle. The smaller rear wheels were not coupled to the driving wheels.

Science Museum, London

  • Museum:          Science Museum, London
  • City:                   London
  • Established:     1857
  • Location:          Exhibition Road, London, United Kingdom

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“Museums should be places where you raise questions, not just show stuff.”
– William Thorsell


Photo Credit: Christine Matthews [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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