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A Virtual Tour of the National Gallery, London

The National Gallery, London

What to see at The National Gallery, London

The National Gallery’s collection includes over 2,300 paintings dating from the 13th century to the 20th century. It is one of the most visited art museums in the world, and its principal building facade facing Trafalgar Square has not changed for two-hundred years. What to see at The National Gallery and what you need to know before you visit are covered below and the various links provided.

The National Gallery came into being when the British government bought 38 paintings from the heirs of a leading patron of the arts, in 1824. After that initial purchase, the Gallery was shaped mainly by its early directors and by private donations, which comprise two-thirds of the collection. The resulting collection is comprehensive in scope, covering most significant developments in Western Painting.

A Virtual Tour of the National Gallery, London

13th Century Paintings

14th Century Paintings

15th Century Paintings

16th Century Paintings

17th Century Paintings

18th Century Paintings

19th Century Paintings

20th Century Paintings

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“A country that has few museums is both materially poor and spiritually poor …
museums, like theatres and libraries, are a means to freedom.”
– Wendy Beckett


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