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Gallery Oldham

Gallery Oldham

Gallery Oldham

Gallery Oldham is an art gallery in the Cultural Quarter of central Oldham, in Greater Manchester, England.

With no permanent displays and four temporary galleries to fill, Gallery Oldham has an active exhibitions programs in the region. Exhibitions mix touring shows with work from the gallery’s collection of art, social history, and natural history.

The gallery holds work by local artists, and its collections include work by L. S. Lowry, John William Waterhouse, and Bridget Riley.

The gallery has also built up a collection of pottery and displays ceramic works by modern artists.

Highlights of the Gallery Oldham

Gallery Oldham

  • Name:                Gallery Oldham
  • City:                   Oldham, Greater Manchester
  • Established:       2002
  • Type:                 Art gallery
  • Location:           Oldham, Greater Manchester, England
  • Website:   

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– Queen Victoria


Photo Credit: SMJ / Gallery Oldham via Wikimedia Commons

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