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Walker Art Center – Virtual Tour

Walker Art Center - Virtual Tour

Walker Art Center – Virtual Tour

The Walker Art Center is a modern and contemporary art museum adjacent to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. The museum’s collection includes over 13,000 artworks, including costumes, drawings, media works, paintings, photography, prints, and sculpture.

The Walker Art Gallery was established in 1927 and became the Walker Art Center in 1940. The Walker’s building opened in 1971 and was expanded in 2005. 

The museums’ visual arts program includes collection exhibitions and the commissioning of works from artists plus residencies for artists.

Live performance art is also part of Walker’s programming, and it has commissioned performances ranging from performance art, theater, dance, spoken word, and music.

This performance art focus has included collecting sculptures, sets, costumes, and other works by artists involved in the museum’s performance arts.

The museum’s film and video programs feature both contemporary and historical works. With more than 800 titles, the collection includes classic and modern cinema and documentaries, avant-garde films, and video works by artists.

The Walker Art Center design department organizes design-related programs, such as lectures, exhibitions, special commissions, and a Design Fellowship for young designers.

Walker’s Digital Media oversees various online platforms for artists, educators, and the art world.

Walker Art Center - Virtual Tour

South Beach Bathers by John Sloan, 1907

Highlights of the Walker Art Center

  • “Office at Night” by Edward Hopper
  • “16 Jackies” by Andy Warhol
  • “Die grossen blauen Pferde” (The Large Blue Horses) by Franz Marc
  • “Big Self-Portrait” by Chuck Close
  • “Suaire de Mondo Cane” (Mondo Cane Shroud) by Yves Klein
  • “Lost Forty” by Goshka Macuga

Walker Art Center

  • Museum:          Walker Art Center
  • City:                  Minneapolis
  • State:                Minnesota
  • Country:           United States
  • Established:     1927
  • Type:                Art Museum
  • Location:         725 Vineland Place, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Walker Art Center – Map

Walker Art Center – 360 Virtual Tour

Walker Art Center

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Walker Art Center

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Walker Art Center

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“Beauty will save the world.”
– Dosteovsky


Photo Credit: Sharon Mollerus / CC BY (; John Sloan / Public domain

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